Interested in an allotment in Chiswick?

Chiswick allotments are in the London Borough of Hounslow.  The management, including the letting, of allotments in Hounslow is now the responsibility of Lampton Greenspaces360, which is a wholly owned company of the London Borough of Hounslow.

in formation on getting an allotment in Hounslow, including information on waiting lists for all sites in Chiswick (Chertsey Road, Dukes Meadow, The Promenade, Thames Road, Staveley Road and Burial Ground) can be found here.

There are around 600 allotments on Chiswick’s six sites, each site with its own character. Every site has one or two representatives from the Chiswick Horticultural and Allotments Society who will be happy to provide information and introduce you to other allotment holders.

They are there to check for any problems, report uncultivated plots and be a point of contact for all plot holders whether they are CHAS members or not.  Any reported problems are escalated via the Allotment Secretary to Lampton Greenspaces 360. CHAS and its Allotment Representatives have no actual authority over the running of the sites. Their role is purely to act as the eyes and ears of the Society – and indirectly LBH – on the ground.

Contact details for the CHAS representatives:

Burial Ground Lilian Baker (plot 34)
Chertsey Road Volunteer required please!  Contact Dennis Flaherty on if you’re interested.
Dukes Meadows Ben Jones (plot 340)
Promenade Volunteer required please!  Contact Dennis Flaherty on if you’re interested.
Staveley Road Dennis Flaherty Plot 3
Thames Road Volunteer required please!  Contact Dennis Flaherty on if you’re interested.

How much work is involved?

Having an allotment does require on-going commitment to cultivate and maintain it to a reasonable standard. This inevitably will require a degree of physical activity and may present a challenge, particularly if the plot has been neglected for some time. The right approach is to work a little but often, and remember that it can take several seasons to get an allotment fully under control.

If you feel that a 5-rod allotment may be too much, consider seeking to take part of a shared allotment. This can be a good way to learn from an experienced gardener who perhaps wishes to reduce their workload.

You don’t have to be super fit to be able to garden successfully. There are many ways of making gardening easier, even if you have a physical disability. A good place to find out more is the ‘Carry on Gardening’ website ( which is part of THRIVE, an organisation to which CHAS is affiliated.

What are the rules?

All allotment holders should ensure that there are no hazards on their plots and surrounding pathways that could cause injuries or damage the environment. Most importantly you must ensure that your plot number is visibly displayed.

Bonfires and barbecues are strictly forbidden on allotment sites. Repeat offenders will be served an eviction notice and have their tenancy terminated. Hosepipes and sprinklers are also forbidden. All rules and regulations regarding allotments in Chiswick are specified and enforced by the London Borough of Hounslow and not the CHAS although we can, and do, lobby the Council on behalf of our members regarding issues that affect them. Refer to your lease with the Council for details.

Allotments in Chiswick are let and managed on behalf of the Council by Lampton Greenspaces 360, not by the Chiswick Horticultural & Allotments Society.

Council’s General Conditions

What do I do if there’s a problem?

If you wish to report an allotment problem, contact the Allotments Officer of Lampton Greenspace 360 on 020 8583 6618. Please also remember to keep your site representative or our Allotments Secretary, Dennis Flaherty, informed of any issues on allotment sites.