Community Projects

We wish to help local young people to develop an interest in gardening and have a range of projects to achieve this.

Centenary Plate

Launched in 2015, the Centenary Plate competition is open to all junior schools in Chiswick. Quantity is not necessarily the prime criterion but rather the difference over last year’s activities – so a school that has never grown anything before but has put a lot of effort into  splendid window boxes full of herbs could be as eligible for the prize as one with an established garden.

The school that demonstrates the greatest advance in gardening involvement over the course of the period from approx. March to October is awarded the large brass plate. The 2nd highest achiever receives a small silver bowl.  Both trophies are held by the school for a year, plus a certificate to permanently proclaim their prowess.

To those who participate, we provide seeds, compost and plants. .

Current holders

Belmont Primary School won the Plate for 2020, Strand on the Green Infant and Nursery School was awarded the silver bowl with Highly Commended Certificates going to Toddletown Nursery and Grove Park Primary School

Previous winner 

Grove Park School won the Plate in 2015 and 2016 again.  The 2016 runner-up was the first-timer William Hogarth School


At our Shows we aim to encourage horticultural, cooking and artistic skills by inviting entries for at least 4 children’s classes.

The Sutton Court Cup is awarded to the group – beaver or brownie, infant or primary school – that submits the most entries at our Summer Show.  Individual entries are also most welcome, and each entrant is given a small prize.

The Whitehouse Cup goes to the child that wins the highest number of points for their entries in the Autumn Show. As in the adult classes, gaining 1st prize in one class doesn’t guarantee you’ll be the winner, when compared to someone who won two 2nd prizes.- so there’s all to play for but, again, every entrant is anyway given a token prize.

For more information on the shows, visit here.

Autumn bulbs

In the autumn, we offer nurseries, junior schools and some beaver groups tete-a-tete bulbs with compost , labels and pots.  Whatever their age, the children enjoy getting their hands dirty, planting and then watching the growth over the winter. This year, one pack sold the resultant flowers to help raise funds for a jamboree.